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As a PBC advocate as well as a patient, I am constantly striving to provide information, and inspiration to patients with this chronic liver disease. Living with PBC is not always easy and things can change as far as symptom severity on a day to day basis. For me, I suffer with both debilitating fatigue and severe pruritus (itching). I am always on the look out for new treatment options and research to share on these topics as they are near and dear to my own experience as well as so many others with PBC. It is exciting to announce that we now have two meetings scheduled with experts in PBC for January 2018. I will be speaking at both meetings as well, to share a patient’s experience with PBC, answer questions, and provide materials on PBC.


Also, if anyone is interested in participating in research and meets eligibility, please consider donating a small amount of blood (drawn on-site by professionals) as a “healthy control” for the on-going research in the lab upstairs.

Eligibility: We are looking for healthy women 50 to 65 years old that have no history of liver disease and that are not currently taking immunosuppressive medication. Subjects will sign a consent form, complete a brief questionnaire and provide a FASTING blood sample.  Compensation: $20 prepaid Target card

All PBC and PSC patients and family/friends are welcome to attend this very informative meeting.  You’ll also have the chance to meet other PBCers, and some of the staff working on research at UC Davis.

I hope to see many of you from around Northern California in January at this very informative meeting.

 PBC-PSC Patient Meeting 2018 Flyer



Ask the Experts Roundtable on PBC Registration_Page_1

Ask the Experts Roundtable on PBC Registration_Page_2


Many patients within the Southern California area have been asking about a local meeting/group in their area. This is the time to come and show your support of PBC patients.  I am honored to be a speaker at this Ask the Experts event on PBC.  A patient’s perspective should always be included in any roundtable about our disease.  Information materials will be available at this meeting, including information on the upcoming PBCers Conference to be held May 17-19, 2018 in Houston, TX.

A lot of coordination and time on the part of the planners and facilitators of these meetings is donated and we appreciate the commitment to the PBC community for hosting these meetings. I hope that all of you in these areas can attend these local area meetings.

If you have any questions or need further information on either meeting, feel free to contact me by email at or post a comment to this blog.

Wishing you all and very happy holiday season and may the coming year be bright and full of promise.

Happy Holidays!


Cathy Mumford, Founder


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