Chronic Illness Catastrophe Days – How Can We Survive These?

Sam Moss is an incredibly insightful and creative blogger and advocate for those of us with chronic pain. These strategies are designed to help you improve your health and well-being by pacing yourself. In PBC, our chronic fatigue is much like living with chronic pain, it takes everything out of us and some days we only start the day with a handful of spoons to get through the day. For the few of us who have both the debilitating fatigue of PBC and chronic pain, having tools ready for these days is critical.

With the holidays upon us, friends and family members everywhere, remember you have this resource to help you manage your Catastrophe Day(s).

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My Medical Musings

Ok, so the title probably sounds a little more dramatic than where I’m going with this…..but maybe not!!

My regular readers will know I generally have a positive outlook on life, despite my disabling pain and crazy bone disease.

I have accepted my circumstances, I love the things I can do and I don’t stress about the things that are beyond my reach. My disclaimer to this comment is; “on most days”.

There is always an exception in every situation.

Every now and again I wake up to a “Chronic Illness Catastrophe Day”.

On those days, it’s a struggle to keep my head above water. I hate them as they are so hard to manage, no matter how much faith, hope or strength of character you may have.

These are days that happen to all of us with chronic illness and I’m on a quest to work out how best…

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